Follow Your Gut

I just received one of those oft-times pesky, but sometimes-nostalgic, facebook notices "your memories from ____ years ago." This one hit... hard. My entry from 2013 was about how sad I was at just selling my beloved mini cooper s convertible. I wrote on my FB post that I was trying to stay positive (after all, it's just a car), but that I had this sickening feeling that I had just made a terrible decision. Flash forward just a couple years later, when the truth of that current situation came to light, and yuuuup.... my gut had it right all along. I should never have sold that darling little convertible. I won't bore you with the details of why that decision was wrong at that time, but needless to say, it had something to do with a certain someone who is no longer in my life! Grrrrr... But let's forget that detail since that simply drudges up too many painful memories. The point is, I should have followed my gut, and I didn't, and it all came back to bite me in my boot-ay. Don't get me wrong, I own a nice ride today, but it was years til I got back here to a happy place. So my message to you today... when you get that deep-down feeling that you should or should not do something, follow that inner voice! To all better future decisions... Your's in health, Laura (full of) Grace
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